The Gazelam Foundation

Mandate of the Foundation

The Gazelam Foundation

The Gazelam Foundation is devoted to finance and promote communication projects such as books, monographs, films and video tapes and radio programs; to distribute, license, sell or sponsor such materials; and to promote educational efforts such as seminars, symposia, academic conferences, travel studies, genealogical, anthropological, archaeological and historical research, etc.

Non Profit Status:

Gazelam Foundation is a non-profit foundation. Its EIN number is 94-2835443

Gazelam Foundation Board:

Director: Ann N. Madsen

Trustees and Advisors:

Gordon A. Madsen, Salt Lake City

Steve Young, Menlo Park, California

Ed Smith, Las Vegas, Nevada

Barnard N. Madsen, Provo, Utah

Recent Projects:

Proceeds from past projects fund future Gazelam Foundation projects.


Contribute to Gazelam Foundation

If you are interested in donating time, money or other resources to the Gazelam Foundation, please contact one of the board members listed or fill out the form below and you will be contacted promptly.
Thank you.