Dedicated to Truman G. Madsen (1926 - 2009): his life and works

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Truman G. Madsen (1926-2009)

Husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather; faithful friend, confidant, and counselor; gifted writer and respected speaker, teacher, and scholar; inspired patriarch; tireless and articulate advocate of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands of people across the world, from students to scholars, from Latter-day Saints to respected leaders of other religious traditions, can attest to the influence of Truman G. Madsen in their lives.

This site is dedicated to his life and works. It includes:

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The Truman Madsen Story

This intimate biography by his son, Barnard N. Madsen, tells of the inner life, private choices, and personal struggles that set Truman Madsen on the course of his life’s journey

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The Eternal Christ

Walk the paths Jesus walked in the Holy Land with master teacher and scholar, Truman G. Madsen. Answer the call, “Come, follow me.”

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Truman G. Madsen Collection

For decades, Latter-day Saints were enlightened, instructed, and inspired by the messages and testimony of Truman G. Madsen

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Joseph Smith the Prophet

Dr. Truman G. Madsen presents a fascinating history of the first prophet of the Restoration. Who was he? What was he like? How did he accomplish so much in so little time? The Prophet Joseph Smith.